The Robotics industry

Unmatched Efficiency

Robots revolutionize industries such as manufacturing, medtech and automotive, offering unmatched efficiency. Paun Parts delivers tailor-made mechanical components, empowering this transformation with cutting-edge solutions.

This booming robotics sector thrives on technological breakthroughs, meeting the soaring demand for productivity and innovation.


Gearboxes control speed and torque in robotics for precise movement.


Actuators convert energy into movement, essential for robotic arm mobility.

Frames and Chassis

Frames and chassis provide structural support for robots, needing durability for operation.

Joints and linkages enable robotic movement, with various types for motion range.

Bearings reduce friction for smooth rotation in robots, critical for precise movement.

Grippers and End Effectors

Grippers and end effectors interact with objects, designed in various shapes for different tasks.

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