Surface treatment

Surface treatment

Surface treatment modifies material surfaces for specific properties or improved performance using techniques like cleaning, anodizing, coating, plating and heat treatment.

It enhances corrosion resistance, adhesion, hardness, reduces friction or wear, provides decorative finishes and facilitates material bonding. It is applicable to metals and plastics.


Aesthetics – Enhances aesthetics through painting, powder coating or electroplating.

Protection – Anodizing, galvanizing or chrome plating prevents corrosion, extending product lifespan.

Enhanced durability – Heat treating enhances material hardness and wear resistance.

Enhanced adhesion – Enhanced material adhesion minimizes coating issues like peeling or flaking.


Medical Industry

Clean and sterilize surfaces to remove contaminants and bacteria.

Aerospace Industry

Enhance corrosion resistance and surface properties for extreme conditions.

Tooling Industry

Enhance surface properties for better wear resistance and longer lifespan.

Furniture Industry

Enhance metal components for appearance and corrosion resistance.

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