CNC Turning

CNC Turning

CNC turning is a machining process where a cutting tool removes material from a rotating workpiece to create cylindrical shapes.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) technology precisely controls tool movements, depths and speeds for accurate and efficient production of components.


Precision – Making complex parts with very precise measurements.

Speed – Providing fast production, perfect for large-scale manufacturing.

Cost-effectiveness – Streamlined process and automation reduce costs and enhance productivity.

Versatility – Compatible with a wide range of materials, suitable for various industries.


Agriculture Industry

Pins, shafts and bushings for farm equipment, ensuring strength and alignment.

Food Industry

Fittings and couplings for food processing systems.

Defense Industry

Military-grade components such as scopes and ammunition.

Medical Industry

Outer casings for medical devices, like handheld instruments and diagnostic tools.

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