Lost-wax casting

Lost-wax casting

Also known as investment casting, is a centuries-old metal casting method. It involves melting a wax pattern to create a cavity which is then filled with molten metal. After cooling, the metal object is revealed by breaking or dissolving the mold.

This technique offers precision, versatility, cost-effectiveness and quality for producing intricate metal parts.


Design flexibility – Precisely crafts intricate designs, economically unachievable with other methods.

Material selection – Versatile for industrial use with various metals.

Precision – Achieves precise accuracy with wax molds, capturing intricate details effectively.

Cost-effective – Cost-effective for small to medium production runs, ideal for low-volume production.


Furniture Industry

Decorative elements like handles, knobs, trims and ornaments.

Machinery Industry

Pump and valve parts, including impellers and casings.

Tooling Industry

Customized jigs for precise workpiece positioning in manufacturing.

Medical Industry

Medical implants, instruments and device parts.

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