Automotive industry

Top-Notch Solutions

Paun Parts offers top-notch metal and plastic solutions for the automotive sector. This industry includes vehicle design, manufacturing and sales, involving car manufacturers, parts suppliers, and related businesses.

It’s highly competitive, globally interconnected and pivotal for the economy, providing jobs and contributing to GDP while sustaining transportation infrastructure.

Transmission components

Transmission components like gears, shafts and housings ensure efficient power transfer.

Dashboard components

Dashboard components like covers, vents and knobs are optimized for efficiency.

Chassis components

Chassis components include brackets, reinforcements, cross members and frame rails.

Brake calipers

Brake calipers are die-cast for better finish, less porosity and improved accuracy.

Suspension components

Suspension components are commonly made using lost-wax casting.

Electrical system components such as connectors, terminals, wiring harnesses and fuse boxes.

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