Aluminium Casting

Aluminium Casting

Aluminium casting is a process where molten aluminium is poured into a mold to create complex shapes. It’s widely used in industries like automotive, aerospace and machinery.

Typically, a mold or pattern of the object is created, then aluminium is poured into it at a specific temperature. After solidification, the mold is removed and finishing steps are taken to achieve the final product.


Lightweight – Strength and lightness are ideal for weight-sensitive applications.

Corrosion resistance – Corrosion resistance suits moist or corrosive environments.

High conductivity – Aluminium’s conductivity suits heatsinks and electrical connectors.

Versatility – Aluminium casting offers unmatched versatility for complex parts.


Automotive Industry

Engine blocks, cylinder heads, transmission cases and suspension parts.

Agriculture Industry

Manifolds, sprinkler heads, valve bodies, pump impellers and fittings.

Construction Industry

Window and door frames, as well as structural support beams.

Machinery Industry

Industrial equipment like pumps, valves and machinery.

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