Low pressure die casting

Low pressure die casting

Low pressure die casting produces complex metal components with high accuracy and surface finish.

Molten metal is poured into a partially or fully closed mold under controlled low pressure, minimizing turbulence and defects for improved metal flow.


Improved quality – High-quality castings with minimal defects, excellent surface finish and accuracy.

Reduced rejections – Consistent production reduces rejected castings, minimizing material waste.

Complexity – Fills thin-walled sections without defects or distortion in intricate, complex designs.

Enhanced properties – Enhancing durability by minimizing turbulence and air exposure.


Robotics Industry

Gearbox housings, gears, motor casings and related parts.

Automotive Industry

Engine blocks, cylinder heads and transmission casings.

Energy Industry

Renewable energy equipment like wind turbines and solar panel frames.

Aerospace Industry

Crafts durable, lightweight landing gear parts and seat frames.

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