Extrusion creates objects with fixed cross-sectional shapes and continuous lengths by forcing heated material through a die using a screw or piston. Plastic deformation results in consistent shapes and lengths, with the die determining final product shapes, ranging from simple profiles to complex designs.


Cost-effective – Produces parts efficiently, minimizing downtime and costs.

Versatility – Extrusion works for plastics, metals and rubber, creating pipes, tubes, profiles, and sheets.

Design – Extrusion shapes diverse profiles using varied dies and tooling.

Energy efficiency – Continuous extrusion saves energy by minimizing start-up and shut-down cycles.


Furniture Industry

Aluminum or plastic profiles for chairs or cabinets.

Construction Industry

Window and door profiles offer strength, durability and weather resistance.

Food Industry

Films, sheets and flexible packaging for diverse industries.

electronics industry

Heat sinks, aluminum frames and LED fixtures.

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